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PANOEURO ELITE CENTER SA, the member of Swiss-Chinese Chamber of Commerce, is a professional organ specializing in international exchanges and trainings such as society, economy and culture, education and scientific research, etc. between China and Switzerland. This center devotes to organizing and arranging national public servants, non-governmentally organized officials, corporate leaders and managers, personnel from trade association and corporations to implement investigation, exchange and high-grade training and study in Switzerland and other countries in Europe; experts, scholars and government officials in relevant fields are invited to lecture for the delegation and teach in the training class.
In recent years, PANOEURO ELITE CENTER SA has received and arranged a large number of delegations from China’s ministries and commissions, governments at various levels and business circles, such as Han Qide, vice chairman, visited Switzerland; Chinese political-legal senior expert and leader Geneva training class, etc.; in this way, PANOEURO ELITE CENTER SA has been highly appraised. This center also actively participates in social, economic and technological exchanges, such as organization and participation of peak forum of Swiss-Chinese Chamber of Commerce, organization of Swiss entrepreneurs to Beijing and other provinces like Shandong for investigation of Chinese vine industry, etc., which has been appraised by the Chinese local governments and Chinese embassy in Switzerland and won the commendation from the government of Canton Vaud. With strict working attitude and top-quality services, this center has become an international exchange organ full of vigor. 

Swiss Federal Register number: CH-550-1050185-8
Headquarters in Swiss
Add: Route du Bois 1,CH-1024 Ecublens Lausanne
Tel: +41-21-3120828
Fax: +41-76-6504591
Representative office in Beijing
Add: Building 3, Yard 24, Road Qingnian, District Chaoyang, Beijing.
Tel: +86-10-85565194
Liaison office in Chengdu
Add: No. 1188, Road Beiquan, District Longquanyi, Chengdu.
Tel: +86- 18384207711
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